Larissa gewinnt den Landeswettbewerb der Landesinitiative +Baukultur

"Alles nur Fassade" widmet sich der Fassadenkunst, Fassadenbegrünung und vertikalen Gärten, sowie kreativen Solarlösungen an Gebäudefassaden. Larissas Mural "Communicationnation“ gewann gemeinsam mit zwei anderen Projekten und nun durfte die Illustratorin ihre Idee an einer Hausfassade verwirklichen! Das fertige Kunstwerk, sowie alle Behind-The-Scenes Momente könnt ihr hier entdecken!

Corporate design with flexible illustration modular systems

Illustrative modular systems are particularly suitable for a comprehensive, flexible and adaptable corporate design: The elements can be exchanged and combined with one another, and illustrations can be created more easily and quickly with them. You can find out all the potentials of modular systems right here!

Live drawing at Hermès as an employee and customer events

Live draw events work for both internal and external events. On the one hand they promote employee motivation and team building, on the other hand they deepen customer care and customer loyalty. Find out here how Hermès employees celebrate in 1920s style and clients take their dream gardens home with them!

Why animations are indispensable for your visual communication

Animations can go a long way in building an authentic, emotional relationship between users and a brand. Be it in the B2C or B2B, in social media campaigns or as NFTs - animations are an absolute must-have in 2022.

We celebrated 20 years with an illustration festival!

Live performances, illustration workshops, live talk, pop-up shop and an auction of unique silk scarves... our festival was packed with great events and even better guests!

Thanks to everyone who celebrated our anniversary with us - here are a few highlights!

Live drawing events for a special customer experience

Individual customer attention is always something special. In that moment, the customer not only buys, he takes home an experience, a memory through the drawing, which binds him to the moment and thus to the brand. Illustrations as an entertainment element at the POS!

Murals as an innovative marketing tool for public spaces

Bigger, Better, Mural! The dimension and visual accessibility is what makes art on walls and facades so exciting. And for companies, they offer an innovative platform to put their brand, message or products in the spotlight... So let's get you on the Big Stage!

Always showing your best side: Portrait Illustrations

Many companies would like to give their employees and executives a face on the Internet, in annual reports or print media. But not everyone wants photos of themselves to circulate - so why not use illustrated portraits for your corporate communication?

Our Power-Couple: Mr. OLLO and Fabia Matveev

Outstanding, memorable animations consist of well thought out concept, great storytelling, a distinctive style and (when appropriate) a dash of humour. Now what if you can have all of this in a double package? Check out what this illustrator couple has on offer for you!

Make your event memorable with Graphic Recording!

Both strong individual motifs as well as complex and detailed pictures are created live and in real time, which can be used promptly as visual material for internal communication or social media. Find out why Graphic Recording ist also exciting for your company!

Ekaterina new Visual Merchandising for the dm stores!

Ekaterinas illustrations have been decorating Europe's dm markets since November! The beautiful works of art convey a feeling of security, harmony, cosiness and warmth in the dark season to all their customers.

Spiegel Online Goes Illustration!

It is the first time that Der Spiegel is showing illustrations in its online magazine - and we are delighted that Matthias Schardt has been chosen as the illustrator for this premiere. In the article Matthias captures dramatic situations in Kenya in very emotional images.

Redesign Taucherli Chocolate Bar

Anne-Marie Pappas rejuvenated the entire bean-to-bar series of Taucherli Premium Swiss Chocolate. Each of the 9 chocolate packs is particularly colourful and represents an important manufacturing step between cocoa beans and chocolate bars.

Artists for Future

With the work we want to take a clear stance and fight for the climate with artistic expression. We asked our illustrators to illustrate a climate motif - because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Zalando #ActivistsOfOptimism

For Zalando's international #ActivistsOfOptimism campaign, Casiegraphics designed several colourful selfie walls in various German cities.

Have you spotted them already?

Illustrators Against Racism

Racism and xenophobia have found many ways into our society, be it because of skin colour, origin, culture or religion. Our constitution bans racism, nevertheless the hatred of everything „foreign“ is a major challenge for our pluralistic and diverse society.

Augmented Reality meets Paper Art

In Annette Jacobs' new mixed reality installation “Paper Pool” she combined paper art with augmented reality. While the pool itself is a real paper object, people are augmented reality elements. You can bathe, swim and play in the sun with her pool people. Try it yourself!

Packaging Worlds Ja! Natürlich

Artist collaboration: On four different topics on climate protection from Ja! Natürlich, Andrea illustrated packaging worlds which Chloé then brought to life.

Organ Donation ID

Together with the Jung von Matt agency, our illustrators have designed digital organ donation cards for Junge Helden e.V. These can be loaded onto the mobile phone with a screenshot. The personalisation is then carried out using the editing tool on the mobile phone, as you can see in the film below.


Introducing Petra's new "Artina" font featured in the Yearbook Of Type 5 (Slanted).
It is the first brush script font of our calligraphic artist.
Wild, cheeky and poetic!

Aprillu Illustration Challenge

#Aprillu was an artist challenge on Instagram that ran from April 1st - 30th, 2021 and was launched by Till Wellm and Belicta Castelbarco. Based on the many upcoming fashion weeks on this planet, the main topics were fashion, beauty, make-up and co.


46 illustrators, 1 idea, 23 motifs
Our illustrators have created a campaign together that shows how such a collaboration can work: Two randomly chosen illustrators share a motif. Despite different styles, they convey a common, positive message.

Andrea de Santis for Elizabeth Arden

The “Sense of Place” campaign allocates one key visual to every metropolis, capturing the individual cultures and special attractions. Our Illustrator Andrea de Santis staged the global presence of Elizabeth Arden in collaboration with Viennese agency Merlicek & Partner.


September 21st is International Day of Peace!
"Art changes people and people change the world", so our illustrators have created amazing motifs to support us in our common mission for world peace.
You can find all illustrations here! Check it out!

Till Wellm designs window displays for German drugstore chain dm

Till Wellm’s images have been gracing the windows of dm stores. The Hamburg-based illustrator has put his own spin on the theme of “Health and Energy” and lovingly created detailed, symbiotic collages

Corona Awareness

We want to help educate people about the correct behavior against the spread of Covid-19. Illustrations are memorable and easy to understand. That is why our illustrators have designed a variety of motifs. It is about protection against infection, proper hygiene and what you can do at home to pass the time.

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