Live drawing events for a special customer experience

Illustrators for events are in great demand. As entertainment, they draw their motifs live and interact with the customers on site. For brands and product presentations, this is an ideal opportunity to get in direct contact with the target group. The live situation creates a relaxed atmosphere and arouses curiosity: simply by drawing, emotions are triggered in the customers, which enable them to engage more openly with the event situation.

Individual customer attention is always something special. At this moment, the customer not only buys, but also takes an experience and a memory home with him through the drawing, which binds him to the moment and thus to the brand. The illustration gives the customer the feeling of having purchased a very personal product. In addition, the drawing that is taken home can be shown to family and friends, and the positive buying experience is passed on to those close to them.

If you draw live for a company, you are a brand or company ambassador for the moment and create a special sales experience. During this time, you are part of the company's marketing world and are perceived as such by customers. This brings with it a sense of responsibility and motivates. Especially at live drawing stands, customers who don't even know each other get to talk to each other through the action and the shared experience creates a relationship and memory to the place. Customers are pleasantly surprised and delighted to experience something like this, and they even happily wait in long queues to take home a small work of art at the end of an event.


Matthias Holz drew live on site for Dior at a Christmas shopping event in 2021 in the Alsterhaus. He illustrated various bottles on small cards. Anyone who bought something at the Dior stand was allowed to take an illustrated card with them. The illustrations were so well received by the customers that some visitors to the counter even bought something just to be able to call a live Dior drawing their own!

Sandra Beer drew portraits of customers with their zodiac signs for Thomas Sabo to present the new Starsign collection.

When illustrators draw for themselves in private, at home “in the closet”, they have all the time in the world. You can spend hours honing details and, if it's done on the computer, extensively use the sacred cmd Z keys until you get an optimal result in the end. Not so with live drawing: you sit in front of a blank sheet of paper that wants to be filled as quickly as possible and you have viewers who carefully follow every single line.

Many illustrators experience the “kick” here in particular through the interaction with the customers: Beautiful and individual motifs have to be created here under time pressure and observation. The stricter framework conditions increase the demands on the drawing.

Not only in retail, but also at conferences or PR events, live drawing enhances events. Images that are made by hand are unique - just like every live drawing event. Live drawing is particularly popular at trade fairs, as it draws the visitor's attention directly to the stand and provides a good basis for making contact.

Instead of traditional analogue drawings, digital motifs can also be created and even streamed live. In this way, illustrations can be made on digital end devices such as smartphones, tablets or whiteboards and the drawing can then be printed out directly.

Furthermore, live drawing events can also take place completely online.


For Samsung, Katrin Wolff drew live portraits of customers on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The campaign took place at various Saturn locations in Berlin and Cologne.

Our illustrators are either booked for special, closed events such as company celebrations, or they can be integrated into the normal everyday life of a branch as an attraction at the point of sale. Special holidays such as Easter, Mother's Day or Christmas are suitable for live drawing events in sales. But the launch of a new product or a new product range can also be used as an opportunity to turn this event into a special customer experience through live drawing.

In principle, you can use live artists almost anywhere - the areas of application are as diverse as the events themselves. In addition to obvious sectors such as fashion or cosmetics, many others are also open to live artists: Some time ago, Matthias Schardt was a portrait artist for Hager booked, a German electrical engineering manufacturer.


Matthias Schardt's job for Hager was a marathon. The task initially consisted of painting portraits of around 85 employees, from the boss to the stand builder, on the walls of a two-storey trade fair stand.

Petra Wöhrmann decorated the Aveda packaging

Petra Wöhrmann decorated the Aveda packaging

The workplace for live drawing should be chosen in such a way that the draftsman feels comfortable and has enough space to work. At the same time you have to be seen by the audience, otherwise the action loses its effect. Ideally, there is a demarcated area so the illustrator's view is clear and no one stands in front of the client to be drawn. When selecting the motifs, care should be taken to ensure that they can be implemented quickly.

Portraits are the most popular subjects at live drawing events. But some customers may not want to be drawn so much - portraits of their shoes, for example, are exciting! This stimulates interesting conversations and is not quite as personal as a head portrait. The postcard format is well suited here because you can send the result immediately

Anything is suitable as a background for live drawing: portraits, packaging, cards, envelopes, bags, bottles, crockery, T-shirts – you name it, we draw on it! There are no limits, the only limiting factor here is time.

And quite apart from the trappings: the experience of being able to watch an artist create is a very special event in itself!

Below you will see many more live drawing projects by our illustrators:

At the Update in Berlin, Sabine Israel drew visitors' shoes in ink and watercolor – a completely new type of portrait.

Nina Tiefenbach did a small live drawing tour for Hermès: the fashion brand invited customers to evening events in various German cities to present its new shoe collection and booked two artists, among other things. Both then portrayed the participants throughout the evening.

The pharmaceutical company Janssen-Cilag booked Matthias Schardt for a workshop for a small group of 15 people at the headquarters in Neuss. It was about an illness and the possibility of its cure. Doctors and a number of bloggers were invited. During the event, Matthias drew the participants in ink and watercolor based on previously created photos.

For client Dior, Sandra Beer decorated fragrance bottles with Christmas motifs in the Douglas branch on Frankfurt's Zeil. Customers were allowed to express their wishes and take the customized bottle with them, beautifully packaged in a carrier bag that was also painted.

In addition, Nina Tiefenbach has drawn several times live for l'Oreal. It was always about the launch of new products.

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