Our passion is illustration!

We love working with outstanding artists.

This is why we represent illustrators whose work is distinguished by a high level of creative quality, professionalism and a particular personal style.

You need an illustration or animation? We’d love to help! The agency Kombinatrotweiss represents illustrators and motion designers that cater for every client’s specific needs. We work for every industry that’s in need of visual communication and can offer animated films, storyboards, layouts or 3-D/CGI. We foster the collaboration with TV production companies as well as advertising, design and digital agencies, publishing houses, editorial departments and direct clients from various industries. We are the people to talk to for beauty and fashion clients as well as healthcare, pharma and technology companies. Our illustrators know all about graphic recording, annual reports, portraits, vector and information graphics and icons.

We’ll assist you in person on your quest for a suitable illustrator or motion designer and will support you until your project is successfully completed. If required, we collaborate with sound designers, copywriters and art directors. Our extensive experience makes us a reliable partner. We always strive for the best result – an illustration or animation that leaves the viewer with a longlasting impression.

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Zalando #ActivistsOfOptimism

For Zalando's international #ActivistsOfOptimism campaign, Casiegraphics designed several colourful selfie walls in various German cities.

Have you spotted them already?

Spiegel Online Goes Illustration!

It is the first time that Der Spiegel is showing illustrations in its online magazine - and we are delighted that Matthias Schardt has been chosen as the illustrator for this premiere. In the article Matthias captures dramatic situations in Kenya in very emotional images.

Augmented Reality meets Paper Art

In Annette Jacobs' new mixed reality installation “Paper Pool” she combined paper art with augmented reality. While the pool itself is a real paper object, people are augmented reality elements. You can bathe, swim and play in the sun with her pool people. Try it yourself!

Aprillu Illustration Challenge

#Aprillu was an artist challenge on Instagram that ran from April 1st - 30th, 2021 and was launched by Till Wellm and Belicta Castelbarco. Based on the many upcoming fashion weeks on this planet, the main topics were fashion, beauty, make-up and co.

Illustrators Against Racism

Racism and xenophobia have found many ways into our society, be it because of skin colour, origin, culture or religion. Our constitution bans racism, nevertheless the hatred of everything „foreign“ is a major challenge for our pluralistic and diverse society.


September 21st is International Day of Peace!
"Art changes people and people change the world", so our illustrators have created amazing motifs to support us in our common mission for world peace.
You can find all illustrations here! Check it out!


46 illustrators, 1 idea, 23 motifs
Our illustrators have created a campaign together that shows how such a collaboration can work: Two randomly chosen illustrators share a motif. Despite different styles, they convey a common, positive message.

Artists For Future

With the work we want to take a clear stance and fight for the climate with artistic expression. We asked our illustrators to illustrate a climate motif - because a picture is worth a thousand words.

On our website we show a selection of current works by our illustrators and motion designers. Are you looking for something more special? Contact us! We would be happy to advise you and put together a picture selection for you: illu@kombinatrotweiss.de // Tel. +49 69 75 66 55 - 0


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