Svetlana Jakel – CEO

„The illustrator has to move their body to draw a line, that’s why there is so much passion and truth in every illustration.“

The former fashion designer loves what she does. Pictures have accompanied her throughout her life – the daughter of a dressmaker and a printer working for a large German publishing house grew up surrounded by magazines. Consequently, her switch from the fashion business to the image-making industry and working in artbuying felt like a natural step to take. Following posts at Saatchi & Saatchi and Publicis, the Darmstadt native co-founded photography and illustration agency Kombinatrotweiss in Frankfurt in 2002, which became her own illustration agency in 2015.

„For me, illustration is a very honest form of expression because it is so personal and every illustrator reveals their own vision of the world to us with their images. Works of art reflect the personality and I am always deeply touched by that.”

Alexandra Kohler – Project Management

„I am fascinated by the different visual worlds that every illustrator creates and brings to life. Illustration is timeless and moving.“

Frankfurt-born Alexandra is inspired by the city’s mix of cultures, colours, people, lights and stories every day. As an artist, agent and curator she takes on creative tasks of many levels, helped by her understanding of communication and the creative process. Drawing, writing, photography and creative exchange are her passions. Alexandra loves nature and enjoys being close to her natural element water when rowing on the river Main.

Alexandra Lindner – Account Department

„The colours and the soul of illustration excite me – it’s a creative expression of thoughts and feelings.“

After a traditional commercial training the Frankfurt native has assisted various businesses with central purchasing and order processing and raised two daughters. Sandy has a taste for beautiful things and is without a doubt the best dressed member of Kombinatrotweiss. As mistress of figures she has an eye for detail. She enjoys crafting as well as being active and trains in classical ballett, which luckily hasn’t curbed her appetite for chocolate.

Katharina Hepp – Project Management

„Finding the suitable illustrator for the right client is a wonderful challenge – it’s great to see exciting projects come to life!“

After stops in Hamburg and London the Communication Design graduate returned to her hometown of Frankfurt in 2007. Whether as a graphic designer, illustrator or bookseller, Katharina has always had a passion for good stories and beautiful images. She enjoys writing and hunting down spelling mistakes, collects picture books and is in love with Great Britain and its sense of humour. After work you can find the music lover at the record store, in a bookshop, at a concert or somewhere in nature.

Jenny Dobmann – Social Media

„Illustration knows no boundaries or limitations – this makes it unique for any kind of visual communication.“

Born and raised in Hamburg, Jenny did a Master’s degree in Digital Business Management after graduating in Media and Communication Management. Love took Jenny to South Africa in 2016, where she has since been following her passion for outdoor activities to the full: Surfing, Mountainbiking, Diving, Hiking – outdoors or on the web, Jenny keeps it moving.

Kalle – Good soul

„It’s fun to wrap the girls around my paw!“

Kalle the Kombinator is Kombinatrotweiss’ very own fluffy oasis of calm. His pale blue eyes charm every visitor and he knows how to wrap two-legged creatures around his paw. He has a big heart and an equally big appetite for treats and cuddles.

All photos by Oliver Tamagnini