Kombinatrotweiss #LetsCollab campaign

The current situation in the creative industries and other economic sectors is a completely new and unprecedented challenge for entrepreneurs. Kombinatrotweiss would like to invite you to let your creativity run free and to develop new visions with confidence and acceptance. Believing in miracles is a motivating driving force, especially in times of Corona, because we can create miracles ourselves.

Illustration is the solution for individual visual communication. International, illustration is currently experiencing a great renaissance because it can be used in an strong attention seeking manner regardless of the genre and implemented within a very short time. You can control precisely what content you want to convey. Due to its infinite variety, illustration & animation stands out and makes it the best instrument for original, sustainable communication.

The illustrators at Kombinatrotweiss have created a campaign together that shows how such a collaboration can work. Two illustrators share a motif. Despite different styles, they convey a common message, and it is precisely through the tension in their diversity that a special energy is released!

The idea came about in discussions between illustrators and Kombinatrotweiss. It was about launching a campaign that made clients and agencies the pioneers and motivated to work together to create the “new normal”. The intention of the campaign is that illustration & animation, as the medium for communication, be rediscovered and perceived. The versatility of possibilities that results from illustrations helps companies to create an individual form of expression that stands out through recognition and individuality and cannot be stopped by the corona situation.

This resulted in motifs with unique messages in which different styles communicate with each other in a miraculous way. The illustrators themselves were largely surprised at how the motifs joined together and supported each other in their statements. A great learning effect for creating a new normal.

Kombinatrotweiss strengthens the cohesion with its illustrators and encourages their customers to remain motivated and confident, to accept the "now" and to form new visions that are worth fighting for.

Illustration & animation is the medium of the hour! Nothing is impossible, so - LET'S COLLAB!

Illustration Collaboration Andre Levy & Chris Hees

Illustration Collaboration Anna Karetnikova & Sabine Israel

Illustration Collaboration Anne-Marie Pappas & Matthias Schardt

Illustration Collaboration Anne Mair & Victor Bregante

Illustration Collaboration Annika Metze & Shenja Tatschke

Illustration Collaboration Anselm Hirschhäuser & Izabe.la

Illustration Collaboration Chris Hees & Andre Levy

Illustration Collaboration Daria Rychkova & Belicta Castelbarco

Illustration Collaboration Fabia Matveev & Danae Diaz

Illustration Collaboration Fritzi Stuke & Studio Topie

Illustration Collaboration Inke Ehmsen & Maria Martin

Illustration Collaboration Judy Kaufmann & Moritz Adam Schmitt

Illustration Collaboration Katrin Wolff & Lapin

Illustration Collaboration Nestor Ramos & Casiegraphics

Illustration Collaboration Nicole Mindt & Astrid Schulz

Illustration Collaboration Oriana Fenwick & Simon Walter

Illustration Collaboration Petra Wöhrmann & Michael Vestner

Illustration Collaboration Sandra Beer & Matthias Holz

Illustration Collaboration Shenja Tatschke & Annika Metze

Illustration Collaboration Susan Hassmann & Fabio Consoli

Illustration Collaboration Sylwia Kubus & Tanja Székessy

Illustration Collaboration Tanja Székessy & Sylwia Kubus

Illustration Collaboration Till Wellm & Yippiehey

Illustration Collaboration Timo Meyer & Jojo Ensslin

Illustration Collaboration Yannick de la Pêche & Gunter Rubin