Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational Speaker

Why illustration is important as a communication tool, what possibilities it offers and how diverse the solutions for illustrative visual communication are, is what Svetlana Jakel addresses in her talks. She not only illuminates working methods, but also trend developments and provides food for thought to companies. How can corporate communication receive added value internally and externally through illustrative support and  how can complex topics be presented objectively and quickly.

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Past Talks:

IO Remote - July 2022
Online talk at the illustrators organization about NFTs - background and relevance

  • What are blockchains and NFTs ?

  • How are they used, what rights are granted, what are the technical requirements?

  • Do NFTs secure the path to digital authorship or ownership of digital works?

  • Is it about art - or will it be a means to an end? What does looking into the future say?

Talk Illustration Festival - June 2022
Hosting a Live Talk with creative experts and artists on illustration trends, challenges, NFTs and Daily Artist Life. here you find the recording.

BDG - March 2022
Online talk at the #BDGFeierabend on Air.
"The power of illustration in communication and why illustration is a powerful tool for every communication designer!

IO Remote - September 2021
Talk at the online round table about

  • Which social media channels are relevant for whom and how effectively can they be used?

  • What is realistic in terms of customer acquisition and establishment as a micro-influencer?

  • What is the use-benefit comparison for illustrator and supply platforms?

Academy of Visual Arts - September 2020
Talk „Illustration today“

BarCamp "ON/OFF - Creating the new normal" - August 2020
Online Talk„Our passion is illustration! - The way to success for illustrators and motion designers.”

Frankfurt Book Fair 2019
Panel-Discussion "What should a book fulfill?"

Rotary Club Frankfurt 2019
Talk „Why Illustration“

Kreativwirtschaftstag 2019
Keynote Talk "Illustration in digital, visual communication"

Ladies, Wine & Design - October 2018
Keynote speech with illustrator Ekaterina Koroleva about the possibilities offered by illustration and positioning as a creative in the market.

Hochschule für Gestaltung (HFG) Offenbach - Ongoing since 2018
Seminar series at the end of the semester "How do I work as an illustrator"

Illu 18 (April 2018)
Illustrator fair in Cologne. Talk on illustration and the development of trends.

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