Illustration Festival

This year we are celebrating the agency's 20th anniversary, and on this occasion we're hosting an illustration festival from 09.06.-12.06.2022
at "Der Kleine Mann mit dem Blitz", Kleine Rittergasse 11, 60594 Frankfurt.


(Our festival information will be continuously updated)

Thursday, 09.06.2022
19:00 // Talk with live streaming

Svetlana Jakel will lead the talk

Talk guests:

- David Emmer, Creative Director at Kastner Agency in Offenbach
- Fritzi Stuke, Illustrator
- Annette Jacobs, Illustrator and Paper Art Artist
- Anne-Marie Pappas, Illustrator
- Dajana Eder, Web3-Enthusiast and expert in online communication

Our live talk focusses on the subjects of illustration trends, the use of illustration in an advertising context, daily life as a solo self-employed artist as well as challenges posed by new media and digital technologies.

The talk will be accompanied by a live graphic recording by Larissa Bertonasco

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Friday, 10.06.2022 // 15:00-20:00

Pop-Up Shop at "Der Kleine Mann mit dem Blitz"
Our illustrators travel from all over the country and bring original drawings, high-quality fine art prints, woodblock prints, postcards and objects with them that can be purchased.

Live performances:
You have the opportunity to have your portrait taken, or rather just your shoes, just as you want. Look over the shoulders of the artists.

Augmented reality installations
In Annette Jacob's mixed reality installation "Paper Pool" she combines paper art with augmented reality. While the pool itself is a real paper object, the characters are augmented reality elements and invite you to interact.

15:00-17:00 // Workshop with Sabine Israel
Scratchboard is used for analogue illustrations and comics. Pictures are scraped into the black cardboard with scraping tools. The result is a negative image whose white contours and hatching emerge from the background, similar to woodcuts.

Participants take home a unique work of art.
For children from 10 and adults
Participation fee: 12€
Max. number of participants: 6 people


16:00-18:00 // Live Drawing Casiegraphics
Steffi paints a skateboard or longboard live in her typical Flora&Fauna style. The board will be auctioned off on Sunday and the proceeds go to the KinderPalliativTeam Südhessen.


17:00-20:00 // Live Drawing with Ekaterina Koroleva
It is so much fun watching Ekaterina draw. With a nimble flick of the wrist, she portrays people or daubs floral patterns with watercolor paint on high-quality paper.

Saturday, 11.06.2022 // 12:00-18:00

Pop-Up Shop:

Have your own cotton bag designed and be there live when the artwork is created, or find an already designed bag that appeals to you. The proceeds from all bag sales go as a donation to the Kinder Palliativ Team Südhessen.

And we are also on the road in culinary terms. Nina Tiefenbach will prepare illustrated breads.


14:00-16:00 // Workshop with Malte Knaack
Children draw their own comics, learn how to develop characters and tell stories in pictures.

For children from 10 and adults
Participation fee: 12€
Max. number of participants: 6 people


16:00-18:00 // Live Drawing with Sabine Israel & Matthias Holz
Whether a shoe portrait or a portrait of your pet, everything is possible, the choice is yours. Sabine Israel draws your shoes using a mixed technique of pencils, colored pencils and acrylic paints. After all, a portrait does not always have to show your face, and Matthias Holz will work with gouache, watercolor and ink on handmade paper. He wants to portray your pets on this day, so take a nice picture of your pet and bring it with you on the mobile.

You will receive a small work of art that you can give away or hang on your own wall.


18:00 // Auction of special artworks
We had very special silk scarves designed for the festival, which we will be exhibiting in public spaces. We would like to auction these special crêpe de chine towels in 130 x 130 cm to support the Kinder Palliativ Team Südhessen. In addition to the live auction on Saturday, we are also holding an online auction where you can place your bids over a certain period of time. More information will follow.

Since 14.05. there is a sneak peek with two selected motifs in the concept store Philokalist in Braubachstraße 28, as well as in the bookstore Weltenleser in Oeder Weg 40 in Frankfurt.

You will find all 8 motifs of our limited edition series in our Gallery.


Sunday, 12.06.2022 // 12:00-15:00

Pop-Up Shop:

12:00-14:00 // Live Drawing with Matthias Schardt
Matthias draws portraits of the visitors with ink and watercolour.

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