For clients

1. How much does an illustration cost on average?

The price of an illustration depends on several factors. Who is the illustrator, in what style should the illustration be created, how elaborate is the illustration, what rights of use should be purchased?

2. We have never commissioned illustrations before. How and where do we start?

First we need to know what content to convey, for what purpose the illustration is to be used and who the target audience is. If there is already a certain idea about the style, mood boards are helpful. With all this information, we suggest the right artists to the customers. All further information is then exchanged in order to be able to give a cost estimate and create a production timing.

3. What goes in a briefing for an illustration job?

What should be shown in the illustration, how many motifs should be illustrated, how, where and when should the illustration be used? (which media, rights of use, file formats)

4. Why should we use an illustration agency?

An agency is the interface between the illustrator and the client/agency. She takes care of all administrative matters and makes sure that the projects run smoothly. When making inquiries to agencies, customers can choose from a large pool of styles and techniques (time factor). The agency makes sure to query all relevant parameters that need to be considered for the course of the projects. In this way, the illustrators can focus on the creative work with the customer, while the agency handles all contractual matters.

Kombinatrotweiss only represents professional artists. This is how we ensure that customers approach their projects with reliable partners.

5. How do you find the right illustrator for the right job?

A precise briefing is the basis for successful illustrator research. If there is no briefing yet, all important points that we need to propose a selection of potential artists will be asked in the interview. That's why it's often helpful to pick up the phone and talk to us directly - this often creates a creative dynamic that allows the project to grow even more in the process.

6. Why should I choose illustrations as a means of communication?

Illustration is attention-grabbing and individual. A unique, unmistakable visual language is created for each project, a world of its own that has great recognition value. In addition, illustration and animation can be implemented more quickly than a photo shoot or film shoot and are cheaper, because there are no costs for photo models (fees & rights of use) and an entire crew.

7. Can I obtain usage rights from existing illustrations?

Existing motifs from our website can be used on request. If they are free of usage rights, the rights to them can be acquired. For the calculation of the rights of use we need the answers to the 3 questions with W: What? (which media), where? (which countries ), how long? (period of use).

8. Is the first request already subject to a fee?

No, costs are only incurred once the project has been approved and we start implementing it. If clients want administrative support, this can be arranged in advance.

For illustrators

1. What are my advantages to be represented by an agency?

Kombinatrotweiss not only takes care of positioning in the market and PR, but also all the administrative concerns of the artists represented: inside. This includes the cost calculation, the entire accounting and dunning, contracts and time management. Furthermore, we conduct target setting, link our artists: Inside with a college: inside, put together teams for larger projects and promote cohesion in the industry.

2. How do I apply as an illustrator at Kombinatrotweiss?

An email with the subject: "Application" to [email protected] is the beginning. The mail should contain links to your own website, Instagram, Behance, etc. A brief idea of ​​work and a few lines about the person, background, studies and techniques.

We ask you to not send download links. These won't be downloaded.

3. Can I continue to acquire and look after my own customers independently?

We represent our artists: exclusively inside in German -speaking countries. Individual regulations are only made in exceptional cases.

4. How many jobs do Illustrator get: Inside at Kombinatrotweiss on average per year?

This depends on the attitude of the artists: inside, on the applicability of their style and above all on regular exchange with the agency. The closer you are in exchange with the agency, the more open you are to develop further, the sooner the collaboration will work.

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