Why animations are indispensable for your visual communication

Animations are becoming more and more popular and companies are increasingly relying on moving images, be it in the B2C or B2B area, in social media campaigns or as NFTs. An animated illustration is attractive, timeless and emotional. An animation does not have to be particularly long or complex to generate attention - a small wink or a simple hand movement, a color change or moving objects give every illustration an additional level of impact and liveliness.

Jojo Ensslin created this animation as a silent film version for the Expo Real 2021 in Munich for Kucera Rechtsanwälte, which specializes in real estate.

An animation combines disciplines such as illustration, film, sound design, storytelling, typography and graphic design. A successful animated film conveys information to the viewer on several levels.

Sometimes animation is even the only way to explain a hard-to-reach scenario, an abstract idea, or to present products in an extraordinary and exciting way. In this way, companies can show their target group who they are, communicate their principles and vision and how they bring added value to their customers. Even short animations can draw more attention to a simple message and breathe life into it, e.g. by the illustrated characters moving in an interesting way, thereby gaining sympathy and recognition value.

Animations are increasingly being used as a marketing tool in a wide variety of forms:

· As an explanation video for a company, product or offer

· On social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok or Facebook to drive engagement

· As a logo to create brand or campaign awareness

· As an eye-catcher for an online advertisement with call-to-action elements

· As GIFs in messenger services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams

· Or in email campaigns to increase brand awareness

Less is more, that's what counts here too: animated films in which too much is happening become confusing and difficult for the viewer to follow. As in a good layout or a good illustration, the viewer must be able to quickly grasp what is at stake. A logo animation must make sense in its movement, just like the explainer video must not get bogged down in details but focus on the message – simple and beautiful, entertaining and compelling.

Néstor Ramos Animation for YouTube Merchandising.

Studio Topie Corporate Film for Johnson & Johnson

Especially in the social media world, animations offer the opportunity to slow down the audience's compulsive scrolling and increase the chance of engagement, thereby influencing content visibility. This potential should not be underestimated by clients or artists.

So-called short-loop animations are and will continue to be trendy, partly because of the rising popularity of NFTs, partly thanks to their good function for presenting social media content. It's a trend that encompasses all styles from analog illustration to 3D, making it a great format for both experimental and commercial work.

The possibilities go beyond what we usually associate with animated content. Two of Zhion's most complex animation projects were not for social media or advertising, but for print editorial projects - with a twist: Zhion illustrated a magazine cover for Ogilvy Germany and the character in augmented reality with frame-by-frame animation brought to life. The profile workshop commissioned him to create a cover for Union Investment's wide-angle customer magazine that looked like an old pinball machine - the motif had to be conceived as an animation right from the start in order to make it even more flashy in its digital version.

Augmented Reality Animation for Ogilvy Germany Cover

Animations can go a long way in building an authentic, emotional relationship between a user and a brand. Regardless of the content, a friendly animated video increases engagement, helps build empathy, and even leads to greater brand loyalty and sales.

Bureau Alice for Covid-19 Vaccination

Sylwia Kubus Animation

Zhion Logo Animation Canoah

Commissioned by the CSCP (Collaborating Center on Sustainable Consumption and Production), Annette Jacobs created explanatory videos on six new business models that enable a sustainable lifestyle within the framework of a portable exhibition.

We have made it our task to offer our customers everything from a single source. Depending on the idea, concept and taste, we also offer all styles in animated form. Whether vector illustrations or line drawings, watercolor or collage motifs: Our illustrators draw tailor-made and animate complex content in detail. In addition to our motion designers, we have built up a network in which we work with recording studios, music composers and voice agencies. We take care of the creation of the costs and the timing and monitor the processes up to the finished animated film. Because our aim is to provide our customers with advice and to deliver high quality.

Mr. Ollo Animation

Mr. Ollo Animation

Mr. Ollo Animation

Petra Wöhrmann Typography Animation

Petra Wöhrmann Typography Animation

Petra Wöhrmann Typography Animation

Studio Topie contributed animations, grading and editing of the music video for the new track "Double Check" by Berlin rapper Alice Dee.

Sylwia Kubus Animation for TheFabricWrappingCo and their #WrapWithCare campaign

For Wacom, Annette Jacobs  animated this handcrafted paper art tiger for the Year of the Water Tiger in stop motion for a collaboration with Wacom.

Matthias Schardt illustrated this report for the documentary series “Abgezockt” on ZDF Info.

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