Make your event memorable with Graphic Recording!

Graphic recording represents the spirit of the times: both strong individual motifs as well as complex and detailed pictures are created live and in real time, these can be used promptly as visual material for applications like internal communication or social media. Graphic recording is exciting: even and especially for companies that have little or no artistic reference points. Both in a business context at workshops or brainstorming sessions and at social occasions and events such as Christmas parties or company celebrations, graphic recording always provides added value for the participants, both aesthetically and in terms of content.

Larissa Bertonasco Graphic Recording at Hybrid Event at Hochschule Heilbronn 

What is Graphic Recording?

Graphic recording is the visual accompaniment of group processes. Parallel to an event, meeting or workshop, a graphic recorder records the emerging content graphically. This is usually done live and visible to all participants.

At the end of the event, the picture connects all the important information and core statements and clarifies abstract or complex connections that were previously unclear. The individual drawings primarily serve to structure and summarise. Graphic recording thus creates an aesthetic connection between the content to be conveyed and the audience in a particularly catchy way.

Often the graphics are drawn on large sheets of paper, flipcharts or canvases. With the changing digital landscape, the drawings are also increasingly created on a graphics tablet and projected onto screens throughout the room. The implementation of a graphic recording can take many forms and is very client-specific. The accompaniment of factual themes often needs to adhere to certain specifications, unlike the accompaniment of plays, for example, which allow a freer, artistic realisation. Anything and everything can be accompanied visually. Events with a shorter duration are sometimes more challenging, because each graphic recording is very individual and the artist needs a certain amount of warm up time while drawing. For example, multi-layered, complex events require more time to create high quality images.
Here is an example from graphic recorder Gunter Rubin:

Gunter Rubin Live Graphic Recording at a Regional Conference

What makes a good graphic recorder?

Besides the obvious skills such as speed and multitasking between active listening and drawing, a graphic recorder also needs to have a knack for spatial distribution, positioning and legibility. Graphic recording always has a subjective component, because each artist has his or her own perspective and may choose different images to visualise the content. Especially for complex or time-intensive events, a prior briefing is therefore indispensable in order to familiarise oneself with design details or important keywords and, above all, to coordinate the client's expectations.

Get an overview for Graphic Recording here.

Our newest graphic recording artist: LARISSA BERTONASCO

Our newest member Larissa Bertonasco from Hamburg has developed a very special passion for graphic recording. With her playful and artistic approach, she lets herself be carried away by any subject and draws very intuitively. Larissa does not shy away from the limelight and is at her best when all eyes are on her and she has to draw with ease despite the presence of an audience.

In addition to conventional live graphic recordings on location, Larissa can also easily accompany online or hybrid events ((Remote Graphic Recording) by being connected via livestream. In analogue, Larissa prefers to draw with ink brushes, coloured pencils and marker pens. Digitally, she uses her iPad.

Larissa either creates a large and detailed picture in which the different elements complement each other, or she draws individual standalone images. The latter has the advantage that the clients can also use the motifs for further publications such as presentations or in social media. A graphic recording can also serve as a meaningful cover image or informative handout. In addition to the many possible applications of the resulting motifs, the artistic summary of an event is always an absolute highlight for all participants.

Larissa Bertonasco Graphic Recording Thalia Theater Hamburg 

Larissa Bertonasco Graphic Recording "Deutscher Tanzverband"

Larissa Bertonasco Graphic Recording "Deutscher Tanzverband"

Larissa Bertonasco Graphic Recording "Deutscher Tanzverband"

Larissa Bertonasco Graphic Recording "She Legend" (Hamburg Kampnagel)

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