Redesign Taucherli Chocolate Bar

Kay Keusen, founders of Taucherli Premium Swiss Chocolate, and Davide Bonina from the Schober Bonina agency in Basel came up with something very special for the redesign of the Taucherli chocolate packaging: each of the 9 chocolate packagings should represent a manufacturing step of the Taucherli bar. For Anne-Marie Pappas  the challenge was to transcribe every process step in a minimalist way and to display the more technical manufacturing terms in an visual appealing way.

The color palette played a particularly important role. Anne-Marie decided to use warm Caribbean tones to showcase the origin of the cocoa plant. Some steps, such as growing cocoa with a machete or distributing cocoa beans with a rake, are a little more difficult to illustrate attractively than, for example, cocoa beans fermenting under banana leaves. The visual aspect of banana leaves is more aesthetic on food packaging than on a rake or machete. 
Since the concept is very concrete, it was very important to Anne-Marie to create storytelling: For the cocoa transport she shows a romanticised picture with a sailing boat in front of sunset instead of the actual transport by cargo ship. On the last two chocolate bars from Bali and West Papua, Anne-Marie integrated two women into the drawings. They give the series a kind of face as "chocolate goddesses". 

The minimalist drawings leave more room for interpretation and enable the abstract representation of certain technical aspects. Since Taucherli already has a very strong graphic design on its packaging and takes up a lot of space on the front of the packaging, Anne-Marie always had to adapt the illustrations to the graphics. Here, too, the reduced illustration helps, because the shapes can be easily adapted to the logo and the striking typography at the bottom right of the packaging. Davide de Schober Bonina subsequently adapted the color of the text to the illustration. Furthermore, Anne-Marie adapted the illustration of the entire packaging and it extends over the entire length of the paper when it is opened. Every packaging illustration becomes a mini poster. 

Working with Kay and David was very fun for Anne-Marie because they understood her ideas and visions straight away and always gave constructive feedback that supported and promoted the creative process. 

Here are all 9 packaging designs :
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