Spiegel Online Goes Illustration!

It is the first time that "Der Spiegel" is showing illustrations in its online magazine - and we are delighted that Matthias Schardt has been chosen as the illustrator for this premiere.
For the article "Our blood sticks to your avocados", which deals with the most serious violations of human rights in Kenya, especially against women, Matthias created several very impressive illustrations.
You can read the entire article with Matthias illustrations here.

Right afterwards, Matthias was booked again to illustrated another report on Spiegel-Online about companies hounding contract killers on environmentalists.

Also this time, Matthias illustrated a series with very emotional and dramatic motifs. Environmentalists in countries like Colombia, Brazil and the Philippines are fighting illegal logging, mining and other mega-projects that are destroying their land. They often pay for their efforts with their lives.

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